Suggestion Shop


Name Price
Sword_Table.png Dark Shadow Taro acsmall.png 10,000 RCs
Sword_Table.png Flcidark Knight Sword acsmall.png 1,000 RCs
Sword_Table.png Fallen DoomKnight Blade acsmall.png 1,000 RCs
Dagger_Table.png Dual Dark Shadow Taro acsmall.png 20,000 RCs
Polearm_Table.png Frebus Ice Angel acsmall.png 1,000 RCs
Polearm_Table.png RedRare OblivionSpear acsmall.png 5,000 RCs
Staff_Table.png Legion Sorcerer Staff Of Erebus acsmall.png 1,000 RCS
Staff_Table.png Moon Raven Staff Of Erebus acsmall.png 1,000 RCs
Helmet_table.png RedRareDarkHair acsmall.png 5,000 RCs

Thanks to 4G and RedRare.

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