Manahouse Shop


Name Price
Sword_Table.png Glowing Katana 30,000 Gold
Sword_Table.png Mana Sword 15,000 Gold
Sword_Table.png Spelled DeathKnight Axe acsmall.png 1,200 RCs
Sword_Table.png The Piercer Tombstone acsmall.png 1,200 RCs
Dagger_Table.png Dual Glowing Katana 900,000 Gold
Dagger_Table.png Dual Mana Sword 105,000 Gold
Dagger_Table.png Flaming Katana acsmall.png 24,000 RCs
Dagger_Table.png The Piercer Accoutrements acsmall.png 1,200 RCs
Armor_Table.png Celurean Dragon priest Robes acsmall.png 12,000 RCs
Armor_Table.png King Queen Chaos Weaver Modest acsmall.png 12,000 RCs
Armor_Table.png Mystic Fingers acsmall.png 1,200 RCs
Armor_Table.png Rogue Magical acsmall.png 1,200 RCs
Armor_Table.png Royal Death bringer acsmall.png 12,000 RCs
Armor_Table.png Rugged Thief acsmall.png 13,000 RCs
Armor_Table.png Spelled Death Knight acsmall.png 12,000 RCs
Armor_Table.png The Piercer Plater acsmall.png 22,000 RCs
Armor_Table.png Vaden Armor acsmall.png 12,000 RCs
Helmet_table.png Chaos Weaver Morph acsmall.png 500 RCs
Helmet_table.png Hood Of The Piercer acsmall.png 800 RCs
Helmet_table.png Horned Skull acsmall.png 500 RCs
Helmet_table.png Mage Hair Style acsmall.png 1,000 RCs
Helmet_table.png Mystic Fingers Hood acsmall.png 500 RCs
Helmet_table.png Mystic Fingers Mask acsmall.png 500 RCs
Helmet_table.png Spelled DeathKnight Helm acsmall.png 500 RCs
Helmet_table.png Undead Skull Hood acsmall.png 500 RCs
Cloak_Table.png Mystic Fingers Cape acsmall.png 90,000 Gold
Cloak_Table.png Royal Death bringer Cape acsmall.png 570 RCs
Cloak_Table.png Spelled Death Knight Cape acsmall.png 800 RCs

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