First of all, I'd like to give you a warm welcome to this Wiki. It's great to get new editors sign up and watch them grow into model assets on this Wiki.

If you ever have any questions (no matter how big or small), please feel free to PM a Wiki Admin, Moderator as we are always more than happy to help.

We understand that it can be a confusing time when you first join the Wiki, as there are many threads you have to read in order to know how to edit and adjust into Wiki life. Hopefully this guide will help show you where to start, with a breakdown of all necessary information.

Rules and Information

RedAQ wiki is a simple wiki for beginner. So, there is only few RULES for you who want join our wiki team. You must read this before you joining this wiki.

  • Adding / Removing Thanks - A universal list of when it is acceptable to add your name as 'Thanks' to a page. It also covers when you should remove someone else's 'Thanks'.
  • Image Submission Guidelines - We expect the highest quality images on the Wiki, so these rules must be followed if you want your image to stay. There are specific rules for each type of item.
  • Problem Procedures* - If an issue ever arises with another editor or a member of the Wiki staff, this is how you should deal with the issue along with the chain of command.

Guides and Resources

These threads are here to teach you how to edit the Wiki. Use them to learn how to create pages, starting from the more basic of editing and working your way up to become an expert editor.

  • RedAQ Wiki Editing Guide - The master guide to creating pages and editing the Wiki. A lot of it is complex information, which you won't need to learn just yet as a beginner.
  • Wiki How To / Q&A - Not only does this thread cover the more basic tools to editing the Wiki, but it can also act as a Q&A thread where you can ask any question if you need help.
  • Tag Discussion - A comprehensive list of page tags that we use on the Wiki alongside their requirements, which can also be used to discuss and suggest new page tags.
  • Note Consistency - A detailed tutorial on how to add notes and keep them universal throughout the Wiki.
  • Weapon Damage Thread - A guide to correctly calculating the damage range of weapons, along with a tutorial showing how your current class and enhancements affects the damage range of your weapon.
  • Image-Taking Tutorials - Tutorials on how to take the perfect images that will have no issue with following the Image Submission Guidelines.
  • Wiki Team - Learn more about the Wiki staff and the different roles on the Wiki. It also shows you which staff member is more appropriate to approach about an issue regarding a certain type of page.

Please contact you Staff team Or Wiki team for more information, You can find it in Menu Panel.

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