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Fast Summary

  • Don't do things you don't want to be done with you (also applied in "say things").
  • Don't post useless things, and just post things about RedPlay. Check the Group Rules.
  • Normal ban = 7 days. After that, perma ban. Check Game Rules.
  • We can't add trade system. Check Suggestions to know why.
  • We make contests regularly. Check Contests.
  • Do not trust anyone who says he is member of the team. Check The Team.
  • Keep your account safe. Check FAQ
  • Just post suggestions in the Suggestions image.
  • Just tell important things via message to the page, not in the group.

Game Accounts

You can try clean your cache or use other browser. Update your Flash Player can be a solution too. Restart your browser and computer to see if it works. Also, try to log in on other computer or internet connection. Scan your computer for any viruses, spyware, trojan software or ad-ware. Try temporarily turning off your Anti-Virus software, Anti-Spyware, Parental Controls, Firewalls, AdBlock Plugin, etc. Some of these can block the Flash Plugin. If nothing works, we are probably under maintenance. You can see if we are working on improvements or events in the page’s timeline.


No. Sorry, we only give these advantages to trusted people. But we make some contest, keep checking our page to see the news!

Player Information

You ask to the helpers and other players inside the game. You can interact in our Group too!


Yes, we have the Suggestion Shop in /faroff, where normal player's items are. We will be really grateful if you want to contribute to the game with your art!

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