Event Shop
Location: Supernatural
Name Price
Sword_Table.png Angel Killer Sword 2,300 Acs
Sword_Table.png Demon Killer Knife 2,300 Acs
Gun_Table.png Colt Gun 2,300 Acs
Armor_Table.png Amara the Darkness (Female Only) 3,100 Acs
Armor_Table.png Castiel the Fallen Angel 3,100 Acs
Armor_Table.png Dean Clothes 3,100 Acs
Armor_Table.png Sam Clothes 3,100 Acs
Helmet_table.png Dean Hair 1,500 Acs
Helmet_table.png Leviathan Head 1,500 Acs
Helmet_table.png Sam Hair 1,500 Acs
Cloak_Table.png Castiel Wings 1,500 Acs

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