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Accessory DaiDoji Dual Katanas
Alchemist S Dual War Repeaters
Azure Flaming Fists

Base DaiDoji Dual Katanas
Betreyal Mana Katana
Black Dual Gressil
Black Hei Gong Ji Fans
Blue Painful Blade of Runes raresmall.png
Custom Flaming Fire Essence acsmall.png
Cyber Champion Blades
Chunin-daggers acsmall.png
Cursed Naval Blade and Gun acsmall.png raresmall.png
Cursed Naval Blooded Blade and Gun acsmall.png raresmall.png D
Dagger And Orange Potion
Daggers of Leaf Essence acsmall.png
Dilligaf Dual Blades
Doom Dual level 50 acsmall.png
Doom Sword level 100 acsmall.png
Double Sparkler acsmall.png
Dual Blade of Void acsmall.png
Dual Angelic Blade acsmall.png raresmall.png
Dual Arcane Void Knight Blade
Dual Blood Spirit Staff
Dual Bloody Chorrupted acsmall.png
Dual Bright Blade of the ArchAngel
Dual Candy Cane Rippers acsmall.png
Dual Candy Canes acsmall.png
Dual Cataclysm Axe acsmall.png
Dual Crimson Death Sword acsmall.png
Dual Cyber Crystal Phoenix Blade acsmall.png
Dual Doom Evolution acsmall.png
Dual Dark Shadow Taro acsmall.png
Dual Energy Sword of Heroes acsmall.png raresmall.png
Dual Epic Flails acsmall.png
Dual Epic Maces acsmall.png
Dual Glowing Katana
Dual Galactic Void Katana
Dual Galactic Toxic Katana
Dual Golden Slasher Katana acsmall.png
Dual Golden Spirit Rods
Dual Great Epic Sword acsmall.png
Dual Horn Of Terra Suul acsmall.png
Dual Knight Blade of Nulgath acsmall.png
Dual Infernal Void Katana
Dual Monolith katana acsmall.png
Dual Mana Sword
Dual Obsidian Dragon Scythe acsmall.png
Dual Oppression Katanas acsmall.png raresmall.png
Dual Power Saws
Dual Pink Katanas acsmall.png
Dual Purple Swirl Katanas acsmall.png
Dual Primal Dread Of Nulgath
Dual Primal Dread Saw Of Nulgath
Dual Siege Mauls acsmall.png
Dual Slasher Void Blade
Dual Soul Eater Sword
Dual katana annihilating acsmall.png
Dual Katana Gendaito (cc) acsmall.png
Dual Super Orb of Nulgath acsmall.png
Dynamites acsmall.png
Dual Abyssal Energy Of Prometheus acsmall.png
Dual Toxic Red Death acsmall.png
Dual Toxic Void Katana
Dual Doom Phoenix Cheer Hands acsmall.png
Doom Phoenix Pompom acsmall.png
Dual Loyalists Cheer Hands acsmall.png E
Electric LoveLetters acsmall.png raresmall.png
Energy Chi acsmall.png F
Flaming Katana acsmall.png
Fluid Chaos Daggers acsmall.png
Fluid Chaos Dual Swords acsmall.png
Frozen Fire Daggers acsmall.png
Fire Daggers Of Prometheus acsmall.png G
Ghoul Katanas
Gongji Slayer Katanas acsmall.png H
Heart Surgeon Daggers acsmall.png I
Ice Daggers Of Prometheus M191m47.png



Legion Orb Fury
Loyalists Pompom acsmall.png

Mana Flames

Nano Tech Bionic Arms acsmall.png raresmall.png
Nano Tech Bionic Fists acsmall.png raresmall.png
Nobles Cinquedea acsmall.png
Ninja-daggers acsmall.png


Pandora Blue Key
Pink Flamming Fists acsmall.png raresmall.png


Random Weapon of Nulgath
Red Doom Blades acsmall.png
Red Hei Gong Ji Fans acsmall.png
Red Painful Blade of Runes raresmall.png
Red Rune and Flame acsmall.png raresmall.png
Red Ungodly
Reversed Cold Daggers
Royal Samurai Fans acsmall.png
Rune Falcon Z S
Sanctified Sword and Shield
Sanctified Glaives
Shadow Spear of Nulgath
SkornBloodLetters acsmall.png raresmall.png
SkornClaws acsmall.png raresmall.png
Skorn Daggers acsmall.png
SkornSpears acsmall.png raresmall.png
Snake Katana acsmall.png
Spectrum Daggers acsmall.png
Sullied Blade Master Katanas acsmall.png
Sullied Blade Master Sword And Katana acsmall.png T
Talons Of Nulgath acsmall.png
The Piercer Accoutrements acsmall.png
Twin Drake Cutters U
Underworld Daggers acsmall.png
Underworld Prismatic Daggers acsmall.png
Umbral Fiend Hands
Underworld Prismatic Daggers V
Vordred Daggers acsmall.png raresmall.png W
White Painful Blade of Runes raresmall.png




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