This is some step how to make Armor page!! to be like this:

1) Go to the page or create new page.

2) If this a new page, you will see a blank space like this.
3) After you see a blank space. Fill it like this:
4) Take a picture of your armor and crop in "Paint". and "RESIZE" it. See BigPicture
5) After you save the Picture, Upload it using

Step: Click Upload Images, Browser your computer, Start Upload, and copy the link.
Note: Dont change the "Vertical" size in STEP 4!
Note: Do Step 4-5 for taking Female Picture too.

6) Now, fill the page with the real info of the armor. add your IGN in Thanks to

7) Click save, and if you follow the step with true step your work in done like this.


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